The Cloud Collection - Contemporary Art Center, founded in 2017, focuses on the collection, exhibition, research, and education of contemporary art.

The Cloud Collection pays attention to the intrinsic pursuit of artists who work in different media and contemporary art's interactive reflections on the social context. It supports the innovative thinking of emerging artists and the diversity of their creative expressions, presenting dialogues between various Eastern and Western concepts within the context of historical background and changes. It is committed to building an academic, systematic, and forward-looking collection and research system for contemporary art.

In 2023, The Cloud Collection opened its archive center and exhibition space in Nanjing. It will provide a long-lasting support and growth environment for the development of contemporary art through a series of exhibitions, art research, cultural salons, and other activities, using an approach that values quality over quantity.

Saturday -  Sunday: 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm, 3:00 pm –4:00 pm
The last admission time is 4:30 pm.
Monday - Friday: Closed
*Opening hours may change due to special exhibitions or events.


SNOWCOAST Building, No. 66 Yunlongshan Road, Jianye District, Nanjing, China

Public Transport:

Metro Line 2 - Xinlong Dajie Station (Exit 1) 2

Bus Line 82 - Jiangdong Middle Rd. - Xinlong Dajie - Taishan Rd.82

Metro Line 2 - Olympic Centre East (Exit 5) 2

Bus Line 170 & 129 - Xin'an St. - Xin'an St. & South Huangshan Rd.



We offer internships to university students and young professionals. We are looking for creative, passionate, and goal-driven individuals who are interested in working in a collaborative environment where their voices and decisions will make a lasting impact.

How to apply: please send your resume and cover letter in pdf. format to Candidates who have been selected for interviews will be contacted directly through emails.


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